A Symbol of Love for the City of Love Inspired by 3D Printing

Last Friday, November 13, 2015 people all around the world were shocked by numerous heart-breaking attacks on the City of Love and also the City of Light Paris, France. Terrorist attacks happened on the six sites in Paris – State de France, La Petit Cambodge Restaurant and Carillon Bar, Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, Bataclan Concert Hall, Boulevard Voltaire, and La Belle Equipe Bar. It is said to be one of the most violent attacks on the City and also the most brutal in terms of violence on the French’s values and lifestyle. The city representing the celebration of music, art, architecture, good food, people and love suddenly fell into darkness last Friday. That’s why people have made efforts to keep the City of Love alive.

LeFabShop, a Paris-based 3D printing studio have designed a symbol of love for the City after the last week attacked. This is to literally bring light to the City. A Canadian designer now residing in Paris named Samuel N. Bernier have posted the idea on creating LeFabShop’s 3D Printed Paris Lamp. He crafted and visualized the design for the City. Through 3D printing technology, he was able to bring up a lamp that symbolizes the City at this tragic adversary.

The design was inspired by the architecture of the iconic Eiffel Tower. The lamp was 3D printed on a MarketBot Replicator 2 and designed in multiple parts to fit the print of the bed. The parts of the lamp are easily assembled as they were made to slide and snap into one another. Once assembled, the 3D Printed Paris lamp can be fitted with a light or socket and ready for display.

The 3D printed Paris lamp is created to celebrate the beloved City. It serves as an expression of support for the people of Paris. The 3D printed Paris lamp inspired by the City’s iconic Eiffel tower by Gustave is a reminder that the City will forever be full of light, full of love and full of peace no matter what happens.