Create Your Own Selfie Cookies with a 3D Printed Custom Cookie Cutter

Ever since the introduction of 3D printing, personalizing and customizing are soaring in the list of today’s trends. You can already customize everything- from prosthetics, to clothes, to accessories, to figurines, to scale models, to home decorations, to almost everything out there. Even pastries are in the list! Did you know you can bake cookies that look just like you?

We now live in the selfie generation where we can show off and give everyone the message that what is ours is ours. And as said earlier, you can even create cookies that look like your face. You can make ‘selfie cookies’ using a cookie cutter molded after your face. This is definitely a new way to customize and personalize! The idea was brought out by Kriszti Bozzai, the owner of Copypastry. Bozzai is selling cookie cutters that just like people on her Etsy account. She and her team of graphic design specialists create the cookie cutters based on the photographs and images sent in by their
customers. They use the photo as reference, then create a graphic image out of it, and then send the file is printed out using a 3D printer. And once it is done printing, the selfie
cookie cutter is now made and ready to be shipped!

The cookie cutters are printed using a PLA material. Copypastry advises users to handwash the cookie cutters to avoid damaging them. Each cookie cutter measures approximately 100mm x 100mm x 9mm and can be made out of the customer’s color of choice. As of the moment, there are fourteen colors to choose from in their Etsy page. What is also neat is that aside from your face, you can also order cookie cutters shaped into any silhoutte or figure, a couple or a group portrait, and even your pet’s face. The price for one custom-made cookie cutter starts at around $38.59 for a single or logo
design, and $71.67 for a portrait of a couple. And since they are made in Budapest, Hungary, there are shipping charges which will depend on your country or region.

If you are interested in having your own customized cookie cutter, you can visit Copypastry’s Etsy page to know more.

Based on the story Eat Your Face as a Cookie with these 3D Printed Customized Cookie Cutters by Tess