China’s Journey to the World of 3D Printing

It is widely known that China seems to have a supply of limitless cheap labor and more comfortable in using the old and traditional manufacturing process. But when it comes
to 3D printing, the interest of its people had been plucked. Chinese are now making their moves on how they can participate in the knowledge driven and very innovative
revolution in additive manufacturing.

Of course, making a shift from the conventional system of manufacturing to the trendy 3D printing massive industrial manufacturing is not an easy task. In truth, there are
experts who made predictions that if the wind suddenly changes, it will show China’s inability to go hand in hand with United States which is currently considered as the
international leader in additive manufacturing.

For the longest time, China has been known in producing inexpensive products due to the almost limitless supply of cheap labor. In the past years, the rate of worker’s wages
between United States and China has been dramatically shrinking. However, China knew the fact that for them to have a successful and long lasting future in manufacturing, their works must be driven by innovation. They must engage in creating the future rather than out-producing it.

China is well on its way of becoming a strong nation and the way to make them stronger is persist in areas such as innovative craftsmanship. The secret in achieving the
successes of 3D printing is by doing more than just capturing the technologies and using a lot of manpower to do the work. Today, the Chinese must grasp the inventive possibilities presented and in the end, build their own creative pathways. 3D printing nature means that scale of production is no longer of primary important, thus removing the foundation of what made China into a powerhouse manufacturer.