Free 3D Printing Pen in “Dobot” Kick starter Campaign

The future is finally here. Remember how people from back then would attempt and try to build robots? We now have come to that time. Aside from looking incredible, robots have been known to do a lot of things for us. Time after time, humans come up with new ways and new concepts for robots. There are robots that help in factories, robot who can fix and solder equipment, and many more.

One of the latest robots created is the Dobot. The people behind the Dobot were only after raising $36,000 by November this year. But they got more than what they bargained for. They managed to raise 982% of their target fund 2 weeks before the date they set as a goal. But their ardor does not end there. They have decided to include a
free 3D printing pen with the Dobot! To know more about this awesome robot, you can check it out on your free time by
viewing videos on your free time. The best source would be the official Dobot website as you can get a clearer and more in-depth understanding of this awesome invention. It is described as “the world’s first high precision robotic arm at consumer grade.” It was made to function with precise, stable and versatile controls, and high-grade accuracy.

The concept of giving away 3D printing pens for free is a smart one. These pens can be used to show the Dobot’s functions and attract more people into participating in the campaign. The Dobot team stated that, ““With a 3D printer pen mounted on Dobot, the 2D graph or geometry structure can be generated from PC software and print easily and accurately. And mostly, your design can be duplicated easily and given to your friends
as a gift. “

If you are interested in taking part in the Dobot campaign, you should first share this link- It is the link to the Dobot campaign and you have to share it thrice on a social media platform of your choice- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

Make sure that you also add the hashtag #3dprinting_dobot and tag @Dobot. The webpage for this campaign already has details provided, so all you need to do is copy, paste then share away.

Based on the story The Dobot (Robot Arm) Kickstarter Campaign Offers Free 3D Printing Pen by Michelle Mattisons