Mohou 3D printing service bags 10 million RMB in series A financing

In 3D printing industry, one reason that holds all people from using it is the cost of 3D printers. For some users, they think that the cost don’t live up to what they are expecting or has a benefit limit. That is common in 3D printing environment like Shapeways wherein most kind of services deals with prices. But now, a Chinese 3D printing service called Mohou or also known as Magic Monkey, aims to make a difference. And it is possible, given the 10 million RMB (1.57 million USD) investment that’s coming their way.

Mohou is a Chinese 3D printing company who has already established its name in the industry. They cater professional audience primarily. They own 130 3D printers, with twenty large 3D printers at the maximum print length of 1.2m and five medium-sized (maximum print length 600cm) units. They can also provide more than twenty different kinds of printable materials to choose from, including a variety of plastic resins, waxes, nylon, metal, full-color sandstone, and more. Mohou is a team of 30 people and they are currently providing services to 20 000 users.

But despite having these records, Zhang Yong, the company’s CEO still think that their services are not the most amazing way to attract additional customers. They want to cover all the printing needs every industry might require, and to satisfy the demand and supply of that sort. He knew that the most famous benefit of 3D printing is to integrate the demand for fragmented pieces to one site, and together with Mohou, they want to do it.

Their goal is made possible by Ultrapower Fund , a collective of Beijing-based investors. The financial provider invested a capital of 10 million RMB. At present, Mohou is working hard in updating their services to 3D printing users. As a proof, their cloud-based service which was launched last April has been welcomed greatly.

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