A Railgun that fires at 560mph-Thanks to 3D Printing

A railgun that can fire bullets at the speed of amazingly 560 mph is a homemade product created through 3D printing technology.

 Made from various kinds of materials, the railgun can fire projectiles without the need of gunpowder. It is all powered by electromagnetic energy. Behind this incredible DIY project  is the reddit user NSA Listbot. And so far they have tested the railgun with carbon, aluminum, teflon and copper-plated tungsten bullets.

 There are six capacitors and a battery that when put together can power up the railgun by giving off 1,050 volts and over 3,000 joules of energy per shot.  A 3D printed frame is used to house the capacitors and other electronics. This has a built in emergency discharge, power resistor and of course a discharge button, all ready for the leftover energy after firing a shot. 

 According to YouTube user xtamared who had tried a test shot with the homemade railgun, he had no idea on what happened to the piece of carbon after a shot. They had target plywood but the carbon bullet didn’t reach it. They strongly think it just vaporized.

 As we all know, railgun is usually used in military industries for operations and NASA. The most powerful railgun that holds the world record is created by the US military which is able to produce 10.64 million joules. In 2012, BAE Systems tested a railgun that can fire at 5,600 mph. Though the 3D printed railgun is considered far less powerful than military-grade prototypes. NSA Listbot claims that though his homemade 3D printed railgun isn’t likely lethal, it would definitely hurt.

In February, the US Navy will run a test on BAE Systems' electromagnetic railgun. It has a very complex design and required a CAD mockup. The grey parts were made with the help of 3D printing too.

Based on the story This 3D printed railgun can fire bullets at 560mph by CARA MCGOOGAN