3D Printing Produced the First Silver Shot Glass “the SilverMoonshot”

Are you one of those people who have the hobby of colleting shot glasses? Well, if you are one, probably you are getting them when you are on a vacation. Some would look like tower glasses or those that comes with the country’s slogan or trademarks such as palm trees. But simple as they are, they bring you joy and satisfaction, right? Just one question, have your collections included a 3D printed shot glass? If not, it’s time to know the new wonder brought by 3D printing.

Florin Grigore is a shot glass collector who at the same time has a great fascination of the outer space. Since his childhood, he dreamt of actually exploring the space and its human side. So to give tribute to explorers who have fulfilled their own dreams, he decided to drink to them from a fittingly themed, 3D printed shot glass, which he designed and printed through Shapeways.

Knowing all the sacrifices that the explorers went through served as an inspiration for him to create a design that will symbolize the main ideas o the first man in space, the first step on the moon and the first moment in the history of human kind. He wants to drink for the moments and the sacrifice that made them written in our history

Determined, Florin Grigore started looking for a material to give his shot glass an outer-space feel and ambiance. Metal was the first material that came to his mind, and with thorough research on the web, he discovered that silver is commonly used to purify water on space flights. He thought it was perfect for his plan. Then, he designed the glasses outside to look like the surface of the moon, with a single footprint on it as the representation of “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” statement by Neil Armstrong. Apparently, the SilverMoonshot was created with his copyrighted “moonshot” pattern.

And to his amazement and delight, he discovered that his shot glass was considered as the world’s first 3D printed sterling silver shot glass.