3D Printing Made Comic Artists Stood out in New York’s Comic Con

With more than 150, 000 comic artist participants in New York Comic Con, it is now undeniably one of the largest pop cultures and comic book conventions in the country.

The NYCC massively occupied NYC Javits Convention Center’s 840,000 square feet of exhibit space and meeting rooms. This can be compared to a full six city blocks. 450 comic artists occupied the venue. Even the convention’s Artist Alley held in the North Pavilion had a huge crowd. And with that statistics, it is obviously difficult for an artist to stand out. However, a group of artists was able to do so with the help of 3D printing.

The comic artists made a partnership with 3D Printing 4 Everyone (3DP4E) and their new comic art-orientated 3D printing service 3DArtGeeks.com. They seek help on how to bring their 2D artwork into third dimension.

3DArtGeeks is a type of service that gives comic book and traditional artists the ability to modify their artwork from 2D into 3D statues that can be printed in full-color sandstone. Once the statue is printed, 3DArtGeeks will coat it in a material similar to super glue that really draws out the colors and hardens it enough to be just as durable as any traditionally cast statue.

Here are the bright artists who have ventured in this 3D printing idea:

Colin Lawler- He was a freelance graphic designer who decided to change his career and focus in comic books instead. Good for him because he’s already off to a great start. One of his works is the Spirits: The Soul Collector.
David Wenzel- He is best recognized in the comic world for his graphic novel adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit, which is still one of the most successful graphic novel adaptations of classic literature ever produced.

Katie Cook- She is a writer and artist. She has a self-published comic entitled Gronk: A Monster’s Story and IDW’s hugely popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

And of course, by all means, the New York Comic Con was a huge success!

Based on the story Comic Artists Use 3D Printing to Stand Out at This Year’s New York Comic Con by Scott Grunewald