3D Printing Visualized in Israel

Israel is now revolutionizing large-scale 3D printing that can be used in the future for printing airplane parts.

It is a famous notion that 3D printing has taken the world by storm and has swept most business industries. So it comes as no surprise that Israelis, the ones responsible in revolutionizing 3D printing, are leading the way in pioneering the future of this exciting technology.

According to an interview conducted by Arutz Sheva to the chairman of Massivit 3D, Mr. Yair Zadik, they had revolutionize 3D printing from massive scales which were unknown before by using various revolutionary methods and strategies.

The chairman gave a clear explanation that going on high scale is just a natural tactic for the growth of the technology. This is just the same as when digital 2D printing has started introducing wide-scale printing back to the time when it was possible to print on houses.

The revolution was made possible through unique gel-based materials that solidify instantaneously in UV light. This allows Massivit 3D to make use of rapid printing to produce large objects. Their services are now already being sought in publications, modelling and for applications on public relations and matters.

Zadik also added that there will come a time wherein the technology will be used to make chairs and other engineering-related works and projects. He visualized that in the coming years, 3D printing will even be used to produce large portions of vehicle and even airplanes, bringing the almost impossible things into life.

Based on the story The Future of 3D Printing - Invented in Israel by Yoni Kempinski