A New Software from Microsoft lets you Scan 3D Objects

The team at Microsoft continues to come up with great technological innovation. One of the latest approaches by Microsoft is the software that turns your smart phone into a 3D scanner.

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a high-speed technological process of creating three dimensional objects from a digital model. Since the start of twenty-first industry, there has been a large growth on the sales of 3D printers and their priced dropped substantially. That is why Microsoft has continued to merge 3D printing technology to their industry. 3D printing technology is largely used on the following fields:
  • jewellery
  • footwear
  • industrial design
  • architecture
  • engineering and construction
  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • dental and medical industries
  • education
  • geographic information systems
  • civil engineering
Mobile Fusion, a mobile application by Microsoft allows you to point and shoot to create 3D images that can be used for three dimensional printed objects. This software seems to be a mobile extension of Kinect Fusion – an earlier version that allows the Kinnect to build three dimensional maps of rooms in the real time world.

According to Microsoft, their Mobile Fusion version is better than other solutions because an internet connection is not merely necessary. Shahram Izadi, one of the researchers working on Mobile Fusion told that as Microsoft researchers, they tend to push themselves to innovate in an effort to fully showcase their technology to the world. Microsoft is working to make sure that Mobile Fusion will work with all types of mobile devices such as Windows Phone, Android Phone and iPhone devices.