New Born Baby’s Life Saved by 3D Printing

3D printing technology is playing a significant role in different fields and industries nowadays. This cutting-edge technology is one of the most beneficial and most helpful technologies, so far. Since its development, it has never failed to amaze various people from different areas of responsibilities.

3D printing is marking its significance almost in every industry. One of the most dominated fields by 3D printing technology is on the field of medicine. Scientist, inventors and medical practitioners are collaborating to provide the most advanced technology that will help people prolong lives and save lives.

Megan Thompson was 30 weeks pregnant when she discovered that her baby has a walnut-sized lump on its small, unborn face. This condition could prevent her baby from breathing after birth. Because of this, the doctors at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital had to decide whether the baby could be delivered safely via Caesarean-section or whether to undergo a rare and complex procedure. Using specialised MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and patient-specific computer-aided modelling, the doctors were able to make a craniofacial anatomy of the baby. Because of this prototype, the doctors have found out the exact location of the lump and how dangerous the tissue was. The information gained from the craniofacial anatomy of the baby lead the doctors to decide that the baby would no longer need a so-called Ex Utero Intrapartum Treatment Procedure (EXIT). This is a very complex procedure both to the mother and the baby. The EXIT procedure requires a partial delivery of the baby with the umbilical cord remaining attached to the placenta. The infant then was delivered without the need of EXIT procedure but through Caesarean-section. The baby was discharged from the hospital without any need of airway intervention. Because of 3D printing, another innocent life was saved.

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