3D Printing in the World of Cooking

3D printing has made has made its way successfully in different industries like in the fashion world to space and even to biotech. It’s also hovering to drastically change the
way we think about and prepare our food.

From a recent talk on the future of 3-D printing at the Tribeca Film Festival hosted by 3D Systems, the chief entrepreneur officer Ping Fu announced to the public that the company is now at work to launch a consumer chocolate 3-D printer this very year.

Most high-end chefs are already fond of 3D printing technology. There was also a video
shared which shows 50 course meal prepared by the Modernist Cuisine’s Nathan
Myhrvold that included 3-D printed elements -- but has been shown to the public yet.

Fu strongly believe that change is ready to come. She believed that the 3D food printer
will be one of the favourites cooking appliances in every home. She visualizes the future
wherein cooking foods redefined as designing it on a computer and then printing it out in the kitchen. Nutritious as well as delicious food will be served and presented greatly
through the help of 3D printing. One can also cook for his or her loved ones even remotely.

However, there’s still a long way to 3D print your entire meals, but that quite understandable. People can wait to a technology that will replace a messy, joyful social
process with a cold and clinical one.