3D Printing: From Digital Designs to Real Objects

Who would have thought that printing could be so innovative? We, along with many

others, are excited that 3D printing is becoming more main stream, being used for more

projects and becoming more accessible.

Looking back, 3D printing technology has made a major leap from where it started over

20 years ago. It’s almost unbelievable how the transition has invaded almost all of the

business industries. In fact, it is also being used in places you never think it can matter.

From construction sites to science labs and hospital, there is still more to come, there is

still so many to be uncovered. And the very good thing is, this technology is easily

understandable and acceptable as well for the ordinary people. From digital design to

objects that we are able to hold, feel and use, how can people resist the power of this


Here are some basics on what 3D printing is and how it’s bringing digital designs to life.

Obviously, 3D printing would not be this beneficial to users without the 3d printers.

Although there are three different ways to operate them, they all fall back to a single

function. This is to convert a digital design into two-dimensional (2D) slices of objects

and combine them together to for a three-dimensional one.

3D printing or additive manufacturing is growing really fast. In fact, you can find more

and more companies that offer 3D printers along with the offer of assistance in using

this technology. They will teach you on how to for create your desired objects. 

3D printing technology brings a more convenient and faster experience in creating

objects with complexity in designs and has more than a single moving part. And the

surprising part, this technology is affordable and if time come that the cost would be

higher, the benefits would surely be more amazing.