3D Printing Brings it a lot Closer to Manned Mars Mission

The universe is so vast that it contains every living and non-living creatures from the smallest organism to the largest creature. It still hides many mysteries and many seek answer on the possibility and existence of life on other planet.

Because of this, scientists are finding answers to the universe’s mysteries. Few days ago, National Aeronautics and Space Administrations (NASA) is manufacturing a 3D printed rocket on journey to the planet Mars. The propulsion engineer of Marshall Space Flight Center, Elizabeth Robertson says that the 3D rocket will make it closer to the Mars. She says that it is more possible to manufacture the 3D rocket at the earliest time at the least cost.  This is because the megathrust engine and similar 3D printed material can now be completed significantly. Their ultimate goal according to Elizabeth Robertson is to assemble the rocket engine capable of producing 30,000 pounds of thrust by using additive manufacturing materials.

The additive manufacturing technology has helped NASA on building a 3D printed rocket closer to the manned mission on planet mars. 3D printing enable incredible changes on the way NASA crafted the 3D rocket. Because of 3D printing technology, NASA was able to build rocket for just a few months at a tenth of the cost.

Elizabeth Robertson says, “We now have technology that could help make designs more efficient, more reliable and less expensive. This could lower the barriers to entry for non-traditional commercial partners to compete with more traditional partners and result in better, more affordable engines.”

The journey to mars and the manned mars mission comes ever closer because of 3D printing technology.

News Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/leoking/2015/09/29/nasas-3d-printing-manned-mars-mission/1/