3D Printing: From Imagination to Reality

It’s almost hard to believe to see things in life that were just in your thoughts before. It feels incredible right? From a dream, 3D printing has taken the idea into reality. For more than 20 years, the 3D printing technology had changed the way of operation for most modern businesses.

Technology is now defined as working with prototypes and providing the engineering needs in the quickest and most effective way possible. And 3D printing has met all that needs, helping project lead times and taking your product into the market in the fastest and cheapest way possible, a hundred times better than before.

3D printing technology system machines have various kinds of applications limited only by your imagination. There are prototyping, product mock ups, marketing models, component manufacturing that passed functional testing and are all streamline.

3D printing was made accessible to all types of businesses by creating affordable 3D printers. In New Zealand, they are offering high end quality personal and professional desktop 3D printers from $1500 to $40,000. Printers work by creating fine layers of plastic in order to produce a complete model of whatever design you want.

But this is the setback. There are huge issues among companies. They want confidentiality of the technology. Those who want to make innovations to themselves can purchase utilize their own desktop 3D printer, rather than send the printing to be out of house.

To conclude, this mean if you prefer 3D printing publicly or privately, you can still both quickly, cost-effectively (and in-house) design, prototype and test your 3-dimensional design and rapidly move from ideas to production parts.