Singapore Opens biggest 3D printing factory in Southeast Asia

Monday morning, the largest commercial 3D printing facility in Southeast Asia opened in Singapore.

Ultra Clean Holdings will offer services to businesses as well as consumers, with aerospace and medical sectors as the main target.

According to Lavi Lev, senior vice president for Asia at UCT, the project was launched in a semi-operational state in November of last year. He mentioned that the new technology facility has the ability to print in 17 materials, such as precious metals like gold and brass, and ceramics.

He also said that the company has decided to invest in the project because there are more to 3D printing than we think of. They had discussed recently about these things and focused mainly on the manufacturing end and about businesses that rely on parts production.

They are targeting factories, construction sites and home parts suppliers like those who create washing machine.

To reach various manufacturers in Asia in the quickest way possible is the main objective why UCT decided to launch in Singapore. UCT is a famous firm listed in Nasdaq that offers contract manufacturing services including assembly, machining and welding. It first opened its Singapore office, which also functions as its Asia-Pacific headquarters, in end-2008. Aside from their main headquarters in California, they have other five offices in US, two in Shanghai and another one in the Philippines.

3D Matters and Zelta 3D are among their top competitors.

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