3D Printing Creates Magic through Castle Snow Globes

There are two groups that are considered to use the low cost 3D printers. The first one
uses 3D printing technology in their works of art in terms of calibration, development
and improvement. They maximize the existence of 3D printers. 3D printing is like bread
and butter to them.

The second group however, uses 3D printer as ordinary tools that are ready when in
need, just like in creating new things. Paulina Ciepał, from Polish startup Juriperus, is a
sure representative of this group undoubtedly. With the help of a 3D printer, she created
a very unique 3D model of the ruins of Polish castles and landscape, inside glass

Making the glass globe has passed several stages. Here’s a little peek.
  • Paulina had taken pictures of the castle and based on them, created a 3D model in Blender. It was then printed with PLA or ABS on her 3D printer.
  • The 3D printed model was sanded and cleared then Paulina worked with the paint job. She used resin for coating and acrylic paint. Because of these, each monument was given a unique character through colors and customized shades.
  •  For the glass globe to look more lively and interesting, artificial snow was added. The other elements were created manually through the traditional way, hand-shaping in a Polish glassworks facility.
  • A wooden stand crowned the entire work. It was matched to each ball and was shaped using a manual wood lathe. It gracefully complimented the glass globes.
With these procedures, Paulina was able to create an original glass snow globe which
looks so beautiful because of its character and atmosphere. By combining 3D printing
technology and the old production skills and methods, making a high quality work of art is not that complicated to achieve.