Educational 3D Printing Licences for University Campuses

Students all around the world are aiming so hard to achieve their dreams in different
industries such as in architecture, engineering and medical field. That’s why universities
are starting to rely profoundly on 3D printing technology. The need for the students to
be trained in additive manufacturing actually follows. This aims to make them ready for
the future’s challenges. So 3DPrinterOS, the firm who claimed to be the world’s first
developer of operating system for 3D printing has proclaimed the use of premium
educational licenses that will be made available for the universities and students
through 3D printing technology providers worldwide such as Dynamism, 3D Connectors, 3D Printlife,CreativeTools, and 3Dortgen.

This innovative educational license aims to help the educational sector, both professional and students to connect to any 3D printer model. A dashboard
management cloud system was developed in order to support various 3D printer
functions in one position. This enables the students as well as the staff their 3D printing
experience by providing everyone unlimited access to the entire 3D printer available on
campus. The license also permits the administrative users access to data tracking and
reporting tools. This allows every part of the university’s 3D printing process to be
observed and analyzed.

3DPrinterOS license is also used to track the quantity of prints going out and the
amount of active users. This information can be used in calculating the funding and
costs for semesters to come. These licenses in 3D printing will make higher education
more consistent and will allow the students and faculty members a smooth sailing 3D

3DPrinterOS give users the opportunity to maximize output while minimizing input and
at the same time provide a tool that is simple, very user friendly, and requires a minimal
amount of training.