PIXELIO Converts Your Smartphone into a 3D Scanning Phonograph

3D Smart Company, Ltd. Based in UK has launched an advanced and user-friendly
device that perfectly compliments your smartphone. This will permit the user to scan tiny objects in 3D along with taking pictures or shooting videos with 360° time lapse.

Photographers and other 3D printer users like engineers, architects, bloggers, graphic
esigners and online sellers will benefit a lot from this device. PIXELIO’s device will give users the power to scan objects in 3D, along with the combination of free software installed on your smartphone like Autodesk 123D Catch. This is made possible through a universal device holder that mounts to any type of smartphone. 3D scans’ quality has proven to have a greater reproduction of an object’s most intricate details, which is not perfectly obtained through hand-held scanning devices. This is because the mounts sustain a steady position around the object as it rotates while the startup’s patented “Virtual Finger” technology, which imitates the touch of a human finger as the phone circled around an object, makes certain that scans or images will not blur. With a partner app like Autodesk 123 Catch, 3D models can then be ready for 3D printing.

Another thing, PIXELIO comes with a handful of other features designed to improve the
efficiency of the device. This includes a wireless phone charging function, clock incorporation and LED lamp. Before this year ends, PIXELIO will be launched on
Kickstarter – and will introduce the detailed characteristics of the product, features and
function and hopefully a low price. This is expected to be a new craze sensation!

Based on the story PIXELIO Transforms Your Smartphone into a 3D Scanning Planetary Arm by Pawel Sluzarczyk