Revolutionising the Solar Energy Industry through 3D Printing

“3D printing has the potential to revolutionise the way we make almost everything." This

is a statement from the most powerful man in the world; President Barrack Obama,

delivered in his State of the Union Address.

Do you believe this?

Maybe, there are people who would laugh at this idea, thinking it is much perplexed.

There is a popular notion that if it applies to anything, or if it’s too good to be true, it isn’t

meant to lasts. They see it as a limited resource which will soon run out.

But when it comes to solar industry, John J. Licata, a writer in the guardian, strongly

believes that 3D printing can revolutionize the traditional trend. He thinks that the 3D

printing medium can be a game changer because 3D solar cells have the ability to

capture more sunlight compared to the old PV models. This is despite the advances in

the storage of energy. 3D solar cells are more precise because they were composed of

indium, selenide, gallium and copper which were tested to be less complex. They also

weighed lesser.

Based on a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers

believe that 3D solar panels are 20% more proficient than solar panels that are flat. 3D

printing can increase the amount of solar absorbed into cells, which may change the

way some people view solar power.

The cost is of course another benefit. 3D printing can approximately drop the production

and installation cost of solar power up to 50% by removing the inefficiencies of using

expensive materials like glass, polysilicon or indium. Because 3D printing has the

possibility and ability to take place just about anywhere, this can gather positive views

toward traditional flat PV.