3D Printed Windpipe saves a Six year-old girl from Lung Surgery

A custom made 3D printed windpipe was used by the doctors from Great Ormond Street Hospital to save six year-old Katie Parke from a very delicate lung surgery. 3D printing technology has enabled the medical team to lessen the time the little girl had to stay on the operating room and made way for a guaranteed safer procedure.

Katie Parke and her Story

The list for groundbreaking medical discoveries from January up to present of this year
is getting longer and longer. There are many accounts about the life-saving qualities of
3D printing technology in the medical field. This is once again proven in the life of a little

Katie Parke was from Northern Island. She suffered from a pulmonary alveolar
proteinosis (PAP). This is a disease affecting the lungs in which grainy deposits build up
in the microscopting air scas in her lungs, thus making it hard to breathe. This is
considered a rare disease that can be caused by infection, cancer or even
environmental exposure to dust or chemicals. This disease can be quite extreme and
sometimes require lung transplants. Washing the lungs with sterile saltwater is the most
common treatment.

However, in order for the doctors to perform this treatment, they must clean one lung
while the other is ventilated. But there is this risky part which consumes a lot of time
wherein the doctors must various combinations of tubes with different sizes to find the
one that perfectly fits the patient.

A great thanks to 3D printing discovery, 3D printed rubber windpipe for Katie was easily
created which was based from her CT scan. Because of this, the medical team from the
Great Ormond was able to carry on with the surgery well ahead of time. They also have
the advance knowledge about the tools that they are going to use.The doctors claimed that not only did it help in making the medical procedure safer and easier, but it also opened the door for the upcoming medical scenarios to be less complicated than it was before, and to train new doctors who will also be the life savers of the future.

Based from the Story Six year-old girl's lung surgery assisted by 3D printed windpipe
by Kira