3D Printing: Application to Various Industries

3D printing is fast dominating the healthcare related industries. The technology is being
used to manufacture personalized items at the highest quality possible, but with minimal
or controlled cost compared to traditional production. 3D printing removes the need for
different organizations to buy in various sizes of off-the-shelf merchandise.

Aside from that, the innovation is also a time saver. Because of the cleanliness and small scale production that 3D printing offers, there is a considerable turnaround time
from the initial design to the end product. Thus, manufacturing can be taken into the

The orthopaedics was another field invaded by 3D printing. Medical people are now
able to create customized 3D implants like jaw and cranial implants. Once the fracture
of the patient was scanned, the software will be used to create the personalized
implants. The implants are 3D printed in titanium which is designed to fit. 3D printing also blends in perfectly with education mainly on science, technology, engineering and mathematics field. More and more schools are now installing 3D printers in order to teach students on using computer-aided design software or CAD. This lets the students to apply their practical knowledge in a fun and more proactive way to create better “products”. There are also learning centers that make use of 3D printed products or models to smoothen the progress of learning and to build a more active learning environment.

3D printing is undeniably a part of production or manufacturing businesses today. It has
never failed to proved how advantageous it is when in comes to research and prototyping, for making unique and intricate parts and it has gotten as far into the world of automotive and aerospace industries. It seems like it is an unstoppable march to a brighter world.