Stepping on the Right Direction: Introducing 3D Printed Shoes

Shoes may not be part of our daily lives but it definitely plays an important role in our lives. It is not only limited to players, athletes, fashion stylists, etc. Shoes gave us protection, stability and shock absorption. On the other hand, not all shoes available in the market fit us.  There are certain degrees and limitations of what can be found in the market depending on functionality, appearance and purpose. For that reason, a customized 3D printed shoe has been developed.

What is a 3D printed shoe?

A 3D printed shoe is an innovation of 3D printing technology. It is a customized shoe designed and created for the specific needs of the one who will use it. Not all feet are identical. Your right foot may be of different size from your left foot. Because of the standard shoe measurement, you tend to adapt to what is already available in the market. A 3D printed shoe unlike the traditional shoe will adapt to your specific needs making it more comfortable and convenient to use.

There are several shoe companies who are now using 3D printing technology on tailoring customized shoes for their customers. To name a few they were Nike, Feetz and United Nude. These companies have set flow of transaction to deliver and to send the customized shoe directly to their customers. Just like the standard 3D printer, this also builds shoes by depositing material layer by layer until the final product is finished.

Over the past few years, 3D printing technology has advanced and innovated not only on the business, design, engineering and medical industries but also to every edge of the globe. It is no wonder that 3D printing technology will soon be part of our daily lives. This 3D printed shoe will soon be a commonplace in the future along with other 3D printing technology innovation.