3D Printing and its Role in Face Transplants

Aside from producing an amazing object, 3D printing is now being developed for wider use. Good thing, 3D printing is not just an art for this present time. Most importantly, it is now being discovered as a helpful tool in performing certain transplants, specifically the face transplant.

It is just amazing how this method of printing helped out surgeons in doing the face transplant operations. Through 3D printing, a model or a miniature of the human face can be printed thus, the surgeon can use this as model or pattern is studying the structure.

Through this, surgeon can easily visualize how he or she will be going to perform the face operation to the patient making the procedure faster and successful. The replica of the face can be printed in full details including the bone grafts and underlying bones of the skull. This gives the surgeon an extra technique on what to put and how to fit perfectly the materials needed in the operation.

Surgeon can also perform a pre-operation to this model to increase the chance to achieve a successful procedure during the actual time. He or she still has the chance to look for the perfect solution as he/she can exactly locate even the softest and smallest tissues inside the human face.

Today, 3D printing is continously under different studies as it has been believed to be beneficial in many aspects aside from being a form of art and through this latest help in face transplants.

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