Startup dreams to launch 3-D filament extruder to the main market

3devo, an engineering company based in Ultrecht, the Netherlands, has developed the Next 1.0. It is a filament extruder for filament printing, and it targets the “maker” market. The objective is to gather support to start production.

The company claims that the 3-D printing division has already brought hi-tech improvements to the equipment, but that the filament had been broken. 3devo also learned that a typical 2.2-pound filament reel amounts to about $40, but quickly runs out. The team is faced with the problems of expenses in running the

According to 3devo, a typical 2.2-pound filament reel costs about $40, and runs out quickly. The team behind the startup also faced those costs in running their business that depended mainly on 3-D printing. They also know the material limitations of an ordinary filament.

Tim Wesselink, co-founder of 3devo stated that they run into a problem of the high cost of 3D printing filament and a lack of choices in material types and colors. He said that they were also unable to recycled failed prints in order to create something new. He added that Next 1.0 is more affordable, because it allows you to make your own filament for 3-D printing.

The Next 1.0 extruder, with custom-designed compression zones converts plastic pallets into filament. The barrel consist of  three independently heated zones; company officials believe most if not all consumer filament extruders in the market at present only have one heating zone, which can overheat the plastic, leading to rapid degradation.

And at last, after two years and five prototypes, 3devo is now prepared to launch the production, and the startup is seeking support from the public. The Kickstarter campaign was launched on August 12 and with 3 days left, the Next 1.0 extruder had received about $22,000 in pledges out of a nearly $55,000 goal. Within Kickstarter, companies do not get anything if they do not meet their objective.

Based on the Story: Startup aims to bring 3-D filament extruder to the mass market written by Bill Bregar