Neri Oxman shows future of 3D printed glass building facades

Mediated Matter group led by its well known 3D designer and researcher Neri Oxman has finally came up with their latest innovation in 3D technology – the  3D printing molten glass this August.

This technique for 3D printing molten glass called G3DP by the group based at Massachusetts Institute of Technology stressed that this project is first of its kind, thus featuring how optically printing of a transparent glass object can be possible. View the movie featured in Vimeo here.

The process involves extrusion of molten glass that goes through the additive manufacturing machine. Mediated Matter therefore pointed out that this innovation can be utilized in creating components for architectural purposes and producing facades of building.

While the movie featured in vimeo showed that Oxman’s team has used range of vases to show the effectivity of the project, she then stressed out that this technology does not limit to small productions. This latest 3D printing technology can pave the way for showing 3D designs in a larger scale like architecture.

Feature of the G3DP printer consists of two insulated chambers. The kiln that keeps the glass to be heated at 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 degrees Celsius) is situated at the upper portion while the part that acts as the printer bed and anneals can be found at the lower section. This part cools down the heated and molten glass while the layer builds up throughout the process. The annealing process is responsible for preventing the glass from shattering while temperature changes. The group also mentioned that they are on the process of incorporating colour with the project to produce enhanced appearances.

Original Article here: Neri Oxman’s new glass printing technique could lead to 3D-printed glass building facades