MIT’s MultiFab 3D Printer takes Real Life Replicator into the next level

MIT CSAIL’s MultiFab 3D Printer has finally taken a great leap with their 3D technology innovation. Their recent achievement involves acquiring one step forward to replicate real life, says press release issued this August.  

While having actual working electronics and machines that are fully functioning instead of mere plastics has been a great dream to many 3D prototype innovators, it has been said that the company has finally taking full speed in materializing that dream. Their MultiFab 3D printer is able to utilize ten different materials in a single run of printing in order to build working devices.

The goal of this project is to let anyone create their own devices in just one simple press. Personalization of things comes in. Good example of this scenario is getting away from the machine for a few minutes and returning back with one functional gadget saying hello in there. The idea is to replicate the stuff that you put in there and not just molding the case or copying the shape.

The company also assures that this one, when available in the market, is much cheaper to the ones offered by other companies. Other multi-material 3D printers cost customers with approximately quarter of million dollars. And the good news doesn’t stop there. This MultiFab 3D printer can also print almost everything from the range of plastic wares for our homes, down to lenses, wirings and even circuit boards that every device needs to keep running.

And while other 3D printers are capable of printing everything one at a time and then assemble the device, the MultiFab 3D printer allows you to run all of them simultaneously and creating the device in just one click.

Original Article here: MIT’s MultiFab 3D Printer Is One Giant Leap Towards a Real-Life Replicator