3D Printing Saves Brand Marketing

3D printing has grown its prominence in the manufacturing industry. No question to that. With the advanced technology called additive manufacturing, prototypes are carefully handed and were diligently checked by designer before it passes to the production stage and later on to the distribution. However, aside from this fact, 3D printing technology continues to embark other fields. One good example is in the field of Brand marketing.

Below are top companies that use 3D printing in their aim to advertise their brands and boost their presence in front of their target markets.


The key in marketing is to always have something unique to offer. So, Nokia tied up with a 3D printing company that lets consumers print their customized phone cases for Nokia Lumia 820 model. This 3D printing community project kit has roared the telecommunications worldwide.


Did you happen to lose your key again? Well this brand has launched their campaign “Key Save” that allows users to avail another copy of their lost keys. The process goes like this.  Beforehand, the keys are 3D scanned and when you lost it, you can access the printable file in your www.keysave.be account. From there, you can bring it to the 3D printer to get your new and identical key.

Coca Cola

In an effort to build their newest model – Mini Bottles, Coca Cola Israel opted to tie up with Gefem Tel-Aviv to a unique yet compelling 3D printing idea. With the use of mobile apps, the customers were then tasked to create their tiny and digital versions like the ones featured in Tamagotchi. The selected few then got the chance to tour the Coca Cola factory and have their mini-mes converted into the real ones via the power of 3D printing.