3D Printing Gives a Child New Hand

It was earlier said that 3D printing could bring you an amount that could help you buy something that you want. But for a 6-year old child from France, 3D printing could give him a new hand.

Maxence, a 6-year old child, was fortunate enough to be the first person in France to receive an ultra-low-cost prosthetic limb that was a product of an open source 3D printing revolution. He has previously lived his life learning to adapt to things with just a hand.

This project only takes 50 euro and was promoted by a US-based group named e-Nable. There had been 1,500 plastic limbs made since 2013 but this is the first time that a French person became a recipient of this project.

This new device has promised the young man better and bigger opportunities as it has been said to easily use and does not even require an operation. The 3D printing product is much like a glove that could fit one’s arm through the help of its straps.

This 3D printing low-cost prosthetic limb is primarily created for children who have at least their wrist or part of their hand.

Though not designed to assist its user with delicate and complicated tasks, this device can allow a person to hold onto something such as a rope of a swing or to catch a ball during a friendly game.

Based on the story: French child gets 50 euro 3D printed hand written by France 24