3D Printing Breakthroughs in the World of Medicine

How come 3D printing aids a child from her bone tumor? How prototypes saved her innocent life?

This is a story of a teenage girl from South Korea who suffered from bone cancer and how her life is saved through modern technology and the advancement of 3D printing.

On July 25, 2015, a professor of Neurosurgery at Yonsei University from North Korea successfully completed a 3D printed pelvic implantation. She is Dr. Shen Tongya. Together with her fellow doctors and medical staff, they had implanted the 3D printed pelvic on the teenage girl.

Scientifically, the simple treatment for bone cancer is to remove completely all the tumors in and near the bones. The team headed by Dr. Tongya first planned to remove the tumor through radiation oncology and through the aid of an orthopedic bone specialist. However, thinking that the patient is too young, they had refused to continue the operation. The simple treatment is not that simple especially for a child at her age. The removal may cause her harm and may affect her mobility.

On the other hand, Dr. Tongya’s team continued the operation on a different method. They had collaborated with the technology on 3D printing. They had implanted a 3D pelvic prosthetic and the operation is a success. The usual operation of 8-9 hours only took 6 hours and the child recovered much faster with this surgery.

The 3D printing technology is still advancing. It has been incorporating with different conglomerates on different fields. Entering other fields such as medicine, business, trade and commerce, etc., it became hard to foresee how 3D printing will still advanced to a higher degree of state and function.

News Source: Korean Doctors Successfully Implant 3D Printed Pelvis