3D Printing Becomes the Computer Festival Highlight

3D printing is set to interests more people as a country holds a computer festival featuring it.

Hong Kong hosts its annual computer festival on the 19th of August at the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. Among the featured technologies are laptops, smart phones, electronic accessories and a Taiwanese-made 3D printer. The last giving the event its highlight.

3D Printing is said to gain more popularity over the place as the Hong Kong government began to initiate the development of 3D printer. The government opened a 3D printing experience gallery at the Hong Kong Productivity Council. This has also influenced the said festival to make 3D printing its theme. There had been a special and dedicated corner for all of the latest 3D printing technologies in the computer festival. This is where the visitors can enjoy checking the available technologies.

A sales manager from a manufacturer of 3D printers, Harry Yan Chi-hoe, said that they are expecting to have higher percentage of sales in terms of 3D printing for this year. This is in relation to the rising awareness of people to 3D printing. They, too, are expecting to have more clients from the world of toys and entertainment as toy producers could become more interested with printing mould prototype of a toy that is yet to be available in the market.

This computer festival is set to get celebrated until the 24th of August and its organizer is expecting more visitors for this year with approximately additional 5% of last year’s attendees.

Based on the story 3D printing expected to take gizmo fans by storm at Hong Kong computer fair by Allen Au-yeung