Google Ventures to 3D Printing Million Dollar Deal

Google Ventures once again proved their huge market share by digging into Carbon3D’s $100 million deal this August.

Though the valuation between these two big companies was disclosed to the public, it has been said that the partnership details has long started with Ford Motor Company showing off 3D technology testing with its prototype. And this landed to Google funding this endeavour.

With 3D technology emerging into the heights of its popularity, the market share is expected to boost to $16.2 billion by 2018. With these vigorous steps coming from Google, it’s also being predicted that the company is eyeing for a more complex and highly dynamic technological investment in the years to come. And Self Driving Car and Drone Project is already making a buzz around.

The first meet up between Carbon3D CEO Joseph DeSimone and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin took place at Carbon3D’s public premiere at the TED conference last March. The new technology was also presented in the said event.

Desimone mentioned in an interview that Google has broad aspirations, citing that the company has been doing a lot of things with hardware and prototyping. He also furthered that Carbon3D’s ability to support this milestone is going to be very cool

Business meet ups went smoothly since the two companies share the same visions and insight similarities in their respective technologies. Such notable instance is that Google is known for their use of algorithms in providing more accurate search results. Carbon3D, on the other hand, also uses algorithms to train 3D printers in providing better prints.


Based on the story : Google Ventures just led a $100 million investment in this hot startup by Jonathan Vanian